13 Best KKW Beauty Products to Get from Ulta: Kim Kardashian Makeup

13 Best KKW Beauty Products to Get from Ulta: Kim Kardashian Makeup

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Kim Kardashian West’s beauty brand, KKW Beauty, is now available at Ulta stores nationwide. If you’ve been holding out for the KKW Beauty to arrive in stores to try before you buy, now is the time to educate yourself on all of the Kim Kardashian makeup products because we love an informed shopper!

We’re going to talk about 13 of the best KKW Beauty products to get from Ulta so you’ll be ready to put your wallet where your mouth is.

KKW Beauty Line Reviewed: Contents

What Is KKW Beauty All About?

Kim Kardashian West (KKW) has been the reigning queen of contour and smokey eyes thanks, in no small part, to her long-time makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. After almost a decade of rocking the look, KKW took a page out of her sister, Kylie’s book and started KKW Beauty.

While Kylie’s brand, Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, started with lip kits to recreate the pouty-lipped look, Kim’s brand started with contour kits to recreate the snatched cheekbone look.

Kim Kardashian West wanted her brand to make applying makeup easier. The KKW Beauty products are supposed to be accessible to the everyday makeup wearer that might not have a ton of time to commit to doing their makeup, but still has the desire to look glam.

KKW accomplished this by taking a buildable approach to her products. By using less pigment, she hoped to give customers a better chance of getting their makeup the way they want it without spending all of their time blending like you would with a product that has more pigment.

The Ulta launch is such a big deal, too, because she wants Kim Kardashian makeup to be more accessible. Previously only available on the KKW Beauty website, all of KKW’s products will be available in store for those who want to swatch and make sure they choose the right shades.

13 Best KKW Beauty Products Available at Ulta

Now that we know a little more about the brand, let’s get into the products! One of the best things about all of the Kim Kardashian makeup is that there’s a lot of consistent energy in each of the products, so you’re not ever stuck in one collection. Buy one thing from the Sooo Fire and another from the Glam Bible and they’ll still work cohesively.

What will you be picking up from KKW Beauty now that it’s in stores at Ulta?

1. KKW Beauty Glam Bible Bundle

The KKW Beauty Glam Bible Bundle is sold exclusively online and has everything you need to make a glam smokey look. The bundle contains the Smokey Volume I eyeshadow palette, a black eyeliner pencil, black mascara, natural wispy false lashes, blush in Luxe, highlighter in Glitz & Glam, Crème lipstick in Classic Icon 1 and 2, lip liner in Classic Icon, and gloss in Lust.

The Smokey Volume I 6-pan eyeshadow palette comes with both matte and metallic shades to create the perfect smokey eye look. There are two lighter shades, Femme and Risqué, that are perfect for blending out deep shades or all over the lid.

There are also three deep matte shades, Antique, Exotic, and Dark, perfect for creating depth in the crease. The KKW Beauty palette is completed by a metallic silver shade, Fatale, for a touch of glam.

Finish off your eye look with their extra pigmented black eyeliner, volumizing mascara, and wispy lashes. This is the perfect palette for going from day to night in a snap.

For the face, you get a blush in Luxe and a highlighter in Glitz & Glam. Each of these are peachy shades to give your cheeks a touch of color and highlight. For the lips, there are two shades of lipstick, a lip liner, and a lip gloss.

The lipsticks come in Classic Icon 1 and Classic Icon 2. Classic Icon 1 is a warm brown nude, and Classic Icon 2 is a warm pink nude. The lip liner in Classic Icon is a neutral mauve shade, and the gloss in Lust is a sheer peachy shade. Get this KKW Beauty bundle on Ulta now!

2. KKW Beauty Best of Nudes Lipstick Set

This set of nude lipsticks (also sold exclusively online) includes the top 4 best-selling nude lipsticks from the KKW Beauty collection – Nude 1, 2, 3, and 5. The formula for the KKW Beauty nudes is creamy and nourishing on the lips and perfect for everyday wear. Nude 1 is a light pink nude, Nude 2 is warm skin-like nude, Nude 3 is a neutral terracotta shade, and Nude 5 is a neutral rosey shade. You can get the entire set at Ulta.

3. KKW Beauty Sooo Fire Eyeshadow Palette

The Sooo Fire eyeshadow palette is full of warm matte and metallic shades to create an eye like that is… well, sooo fire! Kilauea, Crater of Hekla, Fire, Pele’s Curse, Lava, and Volcanic Haze are the matte shades. Kilauea is a light peachy nude shade, Crater of Hekla is a soft brown, Pele’s Curse is a deep chocolate brown, Lava is a brownish orange with golden reflects, and Volcanic Haze is a brown with golden pearl shimmer.

Fiery Eruption, Burnt & Bronzed, Molten Magma, and Golden Ember are the metallic shades. Fiery Eruption is a rich metallic red, Burnt & Bronzed is a metallic bronzey gold, Molten Magma is a metallic burnt orange, and Golden Ember is a rich bright yellow gold. This is the best KKW Beauty product you can get yourself or as a gift online at Ulta.

4. KKW Beauty Black Mascara

The KKW Beauty mascara is a rich black color that glides onto the lashes easily. It lengthens and volumizes. The formula claims to be long-lasting with as little as one coat. Pick it up online at Ulta!

5. KKW Beauty Concealer Brush II

The KKW Beauty concealer brush is designed for high performance application of Kim Kardashian makeup. This double-ended tool gives you the best of both worlds with one large sponge end and one rounded brush end. Use the sponge end to blend and set products, and use the rounded brush to gently sweep off any excess product. But first get it from Ulta!

6. KKW Beauty Glam Bible Highlighter

The KKW Beauty highlighter is a glamorous your-skin-but-better peachy champagne color. Sweep on one layer of Glitz & Glam for a subtle glow or layer it to make your highlight really pop. Apply it to all the high points of your face for that glow from within. This highlighter is also available online only at Ulta.

7. KKW Beauty Glam Bible Lip Gloss

The KKW Beauty lip gloss (available online only) is a super shiny, nourishing lip gloss. Brush lust onto your bare lips for a sheer peachy finish or layer over one of the KKW Beauty lipsticks for a high shine finish! It’s ultra-lightweight and nourishing thanks to ingredients like passion fruit oil, squalane, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. The lip gloss hydrates dry lips while delivering the perfect glass-like finish. Get one for yourself at Ulta!

8. KKW Beauty Glam Bible Blush

The KKW Beauty blush (available online only) brings a subtle touch of peach to your cheeks. Luxe is a matte shade, so apply it on your cheeks for a natural flushed look, or mix it with the Glam Bible highlighter to add a glam, glowy edge to your makeup look. You can find it online at Ulta.

9. KKW Beauty Smokey Volume I Eyeshadow Palette

This small eyeshadow palette from KKW Beauty (available online only) is a must-have if you want to capture the signature Kim Kardashian makeup style. There are 5 matte shades – Femme, Risqué, Antique, Exotic, and Dark – and 1 metallic shade, Fatale.

Femme is an ivory shade, Risqué is a pinky rose, Antique is a grey shade, Exotic is a warm brown, and Dark is a rich matte black. Fatale is a metallic bullet-like silver shade. The size of this palette makes it perfect for travel and the shades make it a versatile palette making the transition from day to night as easy as 1, 2, 3. Pick it up online at Ulta!

10. KKW Beauty Classic Eyeshadow Palette

The KKW Beauty Classic eye palette has 10 matte and metallic shades perfect for mixing, matching, and blending to suit any style. The metallics look pearlized applied with a dry or wet brush, while the mattes have a perfectly creamy-looking powder finish.

The 7 matte shades include Florence, Selfish, Calabasas, Fade, Dash, Family, and Gemini. Florence is a brighter yellow brown, Selfish is a rich terra cotta, Calabasas is a standard light brown, Fade is a beige shade (perfect for setting lid concealer), Dash is a taupe brown, Family is a rich red-brown, and Gemini is a deep brown (darkest shade of the palette).

The 3 metallic shades include Saint, Chicago, and North. Saint is a tan, almost pinky champagne, Chicago is a bronzey orange, and North is a coppery red shade. Get this iconic palette online at Ulta!

11. KKW Beauty Black 1 Eyeliner

What would a Kim Kardashian makeup look be without black eyeliner? I don’t know and with the KKW Beauty black eyeliner, I never have to find out. This eyeliner delivers intense, long-wearing black pigment. It’s a creamy formula, so the liner glides on making it perfect for a wing or a smudged and smoked out look. It’s available online only at Ulta.

12. KKW Beauty Classic Icon Crème Lipstick

The Kardashian beauty dynasty started with the Kylie Lip Kits, but was met with a formidable and creamy family member – the KKW Beauty Classic Icon Crème lipsticks. These lipsticks come in two natural shades – Classic Icon 1 and Classic Icon 2. Classic Icon 1 is a deep warm nude, while Classic Icon 2 is a warm pinky nude. Pick up your favorite shade online at Ulta!

13. KKW Beauty Sooo Fire Lip Gloss

The Sooo Fire lip gloss comes in three shades at Ulta, and honestly that’s all we need. Our favorite is Extinguish, a gorgeous light golden brown with multi-dimensional pearl reflects that will have your lips looking out of this world. The shade looks deep in the tube, but glides on sheer and ultra-shiny to make your lips the star of the show. Get your…

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