15 Best Eyebrow Stencils & Ways of Using Them

15 Best Eyebrow Stencils & Ways of Using Them

If filling in your eyebrows into a shape that you like is an endless struggle, eyebrow stencils might be the solution you’ve needed all along. These unique additions to the beauty world are guides cut in the shape of a perfect eyebrow, and all you have to do is color between the lines to stencil the shape on to your own face. They’re almost magical, although they’re not foolproof.


We’ve selected the best brow stencils available online, covering a wide range of shape and application options. We then explain who can benefit from an eyebrow stencil and who should give them a miss. Finally, we have a guide that’ll make it easy for you to use your brow stencil and end up with gorgeous, natural-looking brows.

Brow Stencil 101: Contents

15 Best Eyebrow Stencils to Buy

From massive sets to just a few well-curated shapes and with all manner of formats for use, we’ve selected the best eyebrow stencils to try.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Stencils

Anastasia Soare of ABH is considered the Eyebrow Queen, and these eyebrow stencils are made based on her brow philosophy. The kit comes with 5 simple stencils with a little plastic piece over the arch, so you can choose the one that will fit best with the shape of your brows or combine two if one suits the front of your brow better and another suits your tail better.

They are made of flexible plastic, so they’re easy to fit over the face, although the drawback is that you’ll have to use your hands to keep them in place while filling in the brows, which can get tiresome. The most remarkable thing about them is that they are marked with guiding lines that show exactly where the start, arch, and tail of the brow should go, as well as a line along the top so you can use them to measure your brows against your nose to figure out the right placement. Buy them from Nordstrom!

2. Benefit Cosmetics Feathered & Full Brow Set

This set features eyebrow stencils that give the user a little more freedom with a unique principle behind their utility. There are two stencils in the kit for two different arch types, along with a holder.

The stencils are made of bendy plastic, and you fit them into the holder, which curves them to fit over the face. Instead of having cut-outs for the brow, they are only cut along the ends, so you line them up first with the bottom and then with the top to figure out your shape. They are marked with little dots over the front, arch, and tail, which you line up against the eye to ensure a harmonious shape. The kit also includes a brow pencil, a tinted brow gel, and a clear setting gel. You can get it at Sephora.

3. BQ Hair Eyebrow Stencils Sticker Set Reusable with 3-in-1 Black Eyebrow Pencil

If you’re looking for a hands-free eyebrow stencil solution, this is it. The kit comes with 36 pairs of stencils in 6 different shapes – you can play around with the shapes from day-to-day or just stick to the one you like. The stencils, which are fitted with dotted lines for consistent lining-up, are reusable for as long as the adhesive sticks. This kit comes with an eyebrow pencil, although the color is quite dark and won’t work for everyone. Order it from Amazon!

4. e.l.f. Cosmetics Eyebrow Stencil Kit for Perfectly Shaped Brows

This stencil kit is simple and budget-friendly. It comes with 4 very well thought-out and flattering stencil options, and like the ABH ones, you just use the one that fits you and then flip it over to do the eyebrow on the other side. The stencils themselves are flexible and durable, but they are totally clear, which might make lining things up a little more difficult. It’s available on Amazon.

5. BQ Hair Eyebrow Stencil Kit with Head Straps with Printable Templates & 2 Adjustable Headbands

This is another hands-free brow stencil you might want to try. With this one, the stencil stays put with the help of an adjustable head strap that you attach to the eyebrow stencils and then wrap around your head. This has some major benefits – you don’t need to attempt to hold the stencil while filling in the brows, and there’s no adhesive to mess up your foundation.

There are 12 stencils in this kit, though some of the shapes are a little ridiculous, and there is less control over things like the distance between your brows. However, placing the stencil is a little easier since it allows you to adjust both brows at once. Shop for it on Amazon!

6. Livaca Eyebrow 21 Stencils with Strap

This is another kit that includes both eyebrow stencils and a strap to keep the stencil secured around the head. As with other kits that include a ton of stencils, quite a few of the shapes are not great, while others are more likely to be flattering. We still think there are enough great options here to make the kit worthwhile.

The other benefit here is that each stencil is marked like a ruler to make lining things up easy. As a nice bonus, it includes a facial razor. Find it online through Amazon!

7. Aesthetica Brow Contour Kit 16-Piece Eyebrow Makeup Palette

This gorgeous kit includes all the tools to achieve stunning eyebrows. It includes 5 clear plastic stencils that are slightly similar to the ones from Anastasia Beverly Hills, albeit without the additional measurement markings. It also comes with tweezers to remove errant hairs, 6 eyebrow powders of different shades, a concealer, brow highlighter, and a setting wax. What more could you need? Pick it up from Amazon!

8. Teenitor 24 Eyebrow Stencils Kit

If you’ve tried other eyebrow stencil kits and found it difficult to find a match, this set might be worth a try. It includes 24 different stencils, with a lot of fairly straight shapes that work well for the recent eyebrow trends that lean towards straighter arches. The stencils are clear and flexible, but you’ll have to hold them in place and practice with placement. You can grab it on Amazon.

9. Madluvv Eyebrow Shaping Stencil Kit

This kit was made with microblading in mind to help professionals outline brows for the permanent service. However, it works well for makeup as well! The 6 stencils are all quite arched for a fierce look, but the brow options vary in thickness. The stencils themselves are clear and durable with some ruler marks to ensure perfect placement. Shop for it on Amazon!

10. HSEE Eyebrow Tattoo Pen and 3 Stencils

This set might come with fewer stencils, but at least the shapes are very well selected, with both more arched options and a straighter brow option. What really makes this set a great choice is that it comes with a 3-pronged eyebrow pen that gives long-lasting brows with a micro-stroke effect. The set also includes a razor for hair removal. Shop for it on Amazon!

11. Easy Anywhere Adjustable Eyebrow Shaper Stencil

This tool is a little ridiculous-looking, but it’s also pretty cool. It’s an adjustable brow stencil that gives you the ability to control both the angle of the arch and the angle of the brows to create the shape that’ll suit you best. It’s made to fit against the face and preserve the symmetry of the brows, and it’s very easy to hold steady while you fill things in. The tool folds when it’s not needed, and it can help you with both filling in and shaping. It’s sold on Amazon

12. Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils

Ardell is one of our favorite false eyelash brands, but they also make cool eyebrow stencils. This set of 4 clear plastic stencils gives you a few arched eyebrow looks to choose from, with different thicknesses and angles. The only drawback to these is that the tails are a little rounded, but you can still use them and then sharpen the tail yourself with some concealer. You can buy it from Amazon.

13. Lofuanna Reusable Eyebrow Stencil Kit Tool

This eyebrow stencil tool comes in peach to fit with a more colorful makeup kit. Otherwise, it’s quite similar to the tool from Easy Anywhere, with adjustable angles that give you a lot of control over your shape. It’s very lightweight and can fold down to take up less space in your bag. Order it from Amazon!

14. Mudder 5 Pcs Eyebrow Stencils Kit with Strap

This eyebrow stencil kit is a great choice if you like a straighter eyebrow look without a major arch. The kit comes with 5 stencils that can be adjusted in the middle to fit the amount of space you have between your brows, as well as a strap that keeps the stencil in place. It also comes with a facial razor to keep you groomed. It’s available on Amazon.

15. Senna Cosmetics Form-A-Brow Kit

This brow stencil kit is another lovely choice that includes both eyebrow powders and 4 stencils. The stencils themselves are clear plastic that you hold against one brow and then flip over, and their shapes are all nicely arched with varying angles and widths. The brow powders themselves are great for an ombre brow, and they have a neutral shade that can suit a lot of hair colors. Get it from Amazon!

Do You Really Need an Eyebrow Stencil?

As you saw, eyebrow stencils come in a few different formats, but in general, the one thing they all have in common is that they give a clean and precise eyebrow shape. Now, whether that’s actually right for you depends on your natural brow situation as well as your preferences.

The people who often benefit the most from an eyebrow pencil are those who have very thin, pale, or simply non-existent eyebrows. The less hair you naturally have, the harder it can be to fill in the eyebrows with a consistent shape, which is why brow stencils are so helpful.

If you like the look of lightly shaded-in brows or pristine Instagram brows, a brow stencil can work really well! On the other hand, for feathery and fluffy-looking brows, a stencil is not as good of a fit.

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