17 Best Makeup Sponges, Blenders & Powder Puffs for a Uniform Look

17 Best Makeup Sponges, Blenders & Powder Puffs for a Uniform Look

Makeup applicators have come a long way, growing with fashion and aesthetic changes. As our aesthetics and techniques have continued to evolve, there were several incredible improvements in the tools – like the BeautyBlender, which honestly changed the way we have been doing our makeup.

It seems that we will all hit the point where we have to ask ourselves, “what is the best option for applying our makeup?” A makeup puff like the old-school days? How can we tell which o makeup applicator is best? When do you try a makeup blender and how do you know which is the best makeup sponge available?

Check out below not only our top 17 picks for the best makeup sponges, blenders and powder puffs, but also tips and tricks on how to use them. If you have one to add, let us know and share the intellectual wealth!

Guide to Makeup Sponges, Blenders & Powder Puffs: Contents

17 Best Makeup Sponges, Powder Puffs & Makeup Blenders to Buy

From the best makeup sponge to the powder puff that makes powder product applications so much easier, these are our top picks of makeup blenders and applicators that really rock.

1. The Original BeautyBlender

The original game-changing BeautyBlender clearly had to make the list! Described as an edgeless, non-disposable makeup sponge, this is the makeup tool that changed the game. It won the Allure Best of Beauty award in 2018 and gave us the streak-free application with its water-activated unique material. Dreamlike soft skin created with this makeup sponge is now available to us all, and you can get yours from Amazon or Net-a-Porter.

2. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques’ makeup sponge is designed to provide everything you need for your concealer, foundation and blending needs. Use the rounded side to blend large areas with a stippling or dabbing motion. Apply concealer with the precision tip to cover blemishes and use the flat edge for contouring. Working together with each area of this makeup sponge will reliably provide an excellent matte finish. Get yours from Ulta Beauty!

3. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Precision Makeup Sponge 100

Another incredible addition to the Fenty by Rihanna beauty line is this three-sided makeup sponge. Designed to work with liquid, cream or powder products, this makeup blender is great for customizing your coverage for a perfect application each time. The rounded end is for all over buffing, the mini moon edge is for targeting areas like under the eyes, and the slanted edge is for stippling. Order yours from Sephora!

4. Milk Makeup Dab + Blend Applicator

Milk Makeup’s gel makeup sponge is nothing like other beauty blenders. This one doesn’t absorb your makeup, so there is no waste! It’s easy to clean (just rinse with soap and water) and doesn’t grow bacteria. It even has a cute holographic case. Dab your makeup on and use a rolling motion to seamlessly apply your makeup to your skin. This makeup applicator is great for foundation, highlighter, contouring and baking. Get yours from Sephora!

5. Morphe Highlight and Contour Beauty Sponge

Morphe’s beauty sponge is a latex-free precision tool for applying liquid makeup. The shape is one we’re familiar with, allowing total control of your liquid foundation for a flawless final look. Order yours from Ulta Beauty to test it!

6. Laura Mercier Velour Puff

Laura Mercier’s powder puff was specially designed to be the ideal applicator for setting powder. The makeup puff has a soft luxe feel and texture that molds to pick up, hold and apply the right amount of setting powder each time for a soft focus and a matte finish. It is even easy to clean! Order yours from Sephora now!

7. BeautyBlender Pure

Designed and noted for being a colorless, edgeless makeup sponge perfect for skin care application, the BeautyBender Pure is dye-free, making it a good option for those with sensitive skin. It works perfectly with options outside of makeup that you could apply to the skin like moisturizer, sunscreen or primer. Pick up yours from Sephora!

8. Dior Backstage Blender Fluid Foundation Sponge

Each of Dior’s egg-shaped makeup blenders has a beveled side and is made from a soft yet high-density material that applies the perfect amount of product with each use. Use the flat side to blend, the round side to build coverage, while the precision tip for areas like around the nose and eyes. This makeup sponge is made in France but available for purchase at Saks Fifth Avenue.

9. Sephora Collection Total Coverage Sponge

Sephora’s makeup sponge is specially designed to cover the larger areas of the face but includes a precision end that is ideal for contouring. Thanks to the design, precision around the nose, chin, and under the eyes is a breeze. The shape is ergonomic, and the results are flawless. This makeup blender can be used for liquid, cream or powder makeup application. Get yours from Sephora!

10. BeautyBlender Power Pocket Puff

BeautyBlender makeup sponges aren’t just for liquid foundations, but this updated version of the classic powder puff is exceptionally designed for powders. The pink side is incredibly soft and plush, designed to apply the perfect amount of powder while the tan suede side is designed to re-blend your makeup to a perfectly seamless finish whenever you need. To make it easier to use, there is a built-in, stretchy finger band that allows you to use this powder puff easier than any other. Get yours from Sephora!

11. EcoTools Total Perfecting Blender

Designed with EcoFoam technology, this makeup sponge was designed from content to shape to create the appearance of flawless-looking skin. From the angled tip and flat sides to the rounded base, there is a proviso for every application need. Order one for yourself from Ulta Beauty now!

12. Sephora Collection Jelly Makeup Sponge

The greatest benefits of using a jelly makeup sponge over a traditional sponge are minimal waste and durability. Because the jelly sponge is easier to clean and dries quickly, it is less likely to mold or grow bacteria. This is also the best makeup sponge, since it lasts a good long time and can be used to apply any foundation, highlighter, blush, concealer or primer with ease. It is ultra-soft and easy to find, so order yours from Sephora!

13. Laura Mercier 4-Pack Sponges

The four pack of Laura Mercier makeup sponges features egg-shaped makeup blenders for a good feel in hand and increased control when applying makeup. The four pack allows for a more reliable set of backups if these are your favorite sponges. Grab yours from Nordstrom!

14. Hourglass Ambient Strobe Light Sculptor

The dual-ended makeup sponge from Hourglass provides a precision application for a refined, natural highlight. It was designed to be the perfect makeup applicator for the Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder. The angled side was designed for applying makeup to the high points of the face, and the velvety side blends for the most natural look. The texture is dense, and the makeup sponge can be used wet or dry. Get yours from Sephora!

15. Tarte Pineapple Throne Sponge & Sponge Holder

Tarte’s makeup sponge is the perfect two-piece set to keep your beauty tool in pristine condition and easy to reach. The sponge itself has glitter in it just for another pop of cuteness on a tool designed to give you the perfect look and easy application. The “throne” for your dream makeup sponge is shaped like a pineapple for another pop of fun. You can easily apply your concealer, foundation, contour, and highlight with this single tool and achieve a flawless finish. Get yours from Ulta Beauty and feel like a princess!

16. Wander Beauty Wander Cushion Sponge

Wander Beauty’s makeup sponge is designed to create a streak-free soft photo finish. This is the softest and the best makeup sponge, as it has a cloud crafted into a unique design that features a curved and flat shape. The shape is responsible for evenly distributing both liquids and powders to create a smooth, natural finish with either medium. Pick up yours from Net-a-Porter!

17. Givenchy Makeup Blender Fluid & Compact Foundation Sponge

To set their makeup sponge apart from the others on the market, Givenchy designed one with a double cone shape to ensure clean fingers while providing precision application. The sides of the cone can be used to apply foundation to areas like the forehead and cheeks, while the tips of the cone should be used for harder-to-reach areas. Order one for yourself from Sephora!

Makeup Sponge vs. Makeup Brush vs. Your Fingers

The question of what makeup applicator to use and when is actually a lot easier to answer than we all thought. Simply put, when you want to apply something the methodology of application is based on the finish you want to achieve.

Here are a few ways that each makeup application method differs from the other and how this can affect your choice, as truthfully, one is not necessarily better than the other on all counts. Also, you can always combine different application methods to customize your look accordingly.

Applying Makeup with a Makeup Sponge

Makeup sponges have been in use for quite a while throughout the history of makeup. The creation and inclusion of sponges like the BeautyBlender really changed not only how we do our makeup but also the final effect we were aiming for. Surprisingly it is about more than just the soft, natural look that can be achieved with the makeup sponge, but the actual effect it has on skin.

• The best makeup sponge creates less skin damage. While this may seem like a stretch, it’s true! The dab and roll motion with a wet makeup sponge stretches and pulls at skin much less than other application methods. Though the…

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