23 Best Lengthening Mascaras for Short Lashes in 2020

23 Best Lengthening Mascaras for Short Lashes in 2020

Everyone wants fuller, longer lashes, and unfortunately, not everyone has them. While you can always go for false eyelashes to achieve the look, a lengthening mascara is an easier way to add some tangible drama to your peepers. A single swipe is all it takes to create a falsie-inspired look instead of spending hours getting extensions put in.

With so many mascaras out there to choose from, we’ve simplified the search by selecting the best lengthening mascaras that really deliver. From primers to multi-step options to those with fibers, this list has the best lengthening mascara for everyone. Try one of these great options today and add some seriously dramatic and sexy length to your lashes. 

1. Best Overall: Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara

Why get falsies when you can use a fantastic lengthening mascara? This one by Benefit Cosmetics is the perfect lengthening mascara to turn to when you don’t want to upkeep with false lashes. This sexy silver tube contains a long-wearing formula that will add lots of volume to your lashes and make them super glossy. Swipe it on with a brush that features staggered bristles for length and volume before using the custom-domed tip to reach even the tiniest lashes.

Just like so many other shoppers, you’ll fall in love with this lengthening mascara that gives the illusion of longer, fuller lashes. Reviewers state it’s a great filler and cheaper option when you don’t want to keep up with lash extensions around the year.

Do keep in mind that beauty gurus have mentioned that it can be hard to remove even with makeup remover and that lashes can look clumped if you don’t use the brush properly. Give this lengthening mascara by Benefit a shot. You can buy it on Amazon and Sephora today!

2. Best Waterproof: Tetyana Naturals 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

Looking for a mascara that is great for sensitive eyes without sacrificing lengthening benefits? The Tetyana Naturals mascara is for you! It comes in a cute rose gold and black tube filled with a natural, non-toxic formula that creates silky, feathery lashes. It’s also waterproof! 

While the bristled brush can grab a lot of product, which can make lashes clumpy, it truly creates lovely lashes. Beauty lovers adore that their lashes are evenly coated and elongated, which allows them to only need to put on one to two coats of mascara for a great look. Save some time while looking fabulous by using this non-toxic lengthening mascara, now available on Amazon

3. Best Brush Applicator: Lancôme Définicils Lengthening and Defining Mascara

Lancôme is known for great makeup, and it definitely extends into their mascara! This award-winning formula contains polymers that help lengthen and define each of your lashes. The brush applicator inside the black tube contains grooved bristles that help brush on an even amount of product. 

Shoppers love that this lengthening mascara is super easy to apply as well as adds fullness to each lash, dries fast, and lasts long. However, they have also noticed that it can smudge after a couple of hours of wear as well as produce straight eyelashes if you don’t curl the brush. Give this Lancôme lengthening mascara a try today, and purchase it from Nordstrom or Amazon!

4. Best Clean Formula: ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara

Have you heard about cult-favorites and are curious to see if they are worth it or not? The Limitless Lash mascara by ILIA is one of them and totally worth it! This paper-white tube contains a formula that is made of arginine to fortify lashes and shea butter to condition them. It’s also free of sulfates, parabens, and other harmful ingredients, as well as contains less than one percent of synthetic fragrances. It also comes with a dual-sided brush that can help separate lashes and is packed in recyclable packaging. 

Besides falling in love with this mascara for being cruelty-free and gluten-free, beauty gurus adore that it doesn’t flake during the day and is easy to wipe away. They even state it helps the eyes look more youthful – what a compliment! But do keep in mind that it is a drier mascara and can clump at times. Try this 99% natural lengthening mascara by purchasing it from Sephora or Amazon

5. Best Everyday Option: Glossier Lash Slick 

Want a lengthening mascara that also curls your lashes? Then look no further! The Lash Slick by Glossier is a baby pink tube that packs a punch. It contains a formula that is water-resistant – and washes off easily at night – cruelty-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and allergy-tested. The formula also contains super small fibers that help build your lashes.

Beauty lovers rave about this lengthening mascara doing its job as well as curling straight lashes without feeling heavy. However, do keep in mind that it can also dry up fast, so seal off that top well. Give this Glossier mascara a go and pick it up from Glossier or Amazon.

6. Best One-Swipe Mascara: IT Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara

Shoot for the sky with some amazingly long lashes. This is the best mascara for short lashes, as it is formulated with peptides, proteins, biotin, lash-enhancing polymers, and collagen, as well as an elastic stretch technology to lift, separate, lengthen and volumize each lash. This sleek black tube also contains a Lash-Changing Power Brush that helps curl and lift your lashes for a fuller look.

This lengthening mascara saves the day, as many shoppers love that they only have to apply it once in order to create a good look. They also say that it doesn’t clump and creates a silky, smooth look. However, they have noticed that the mascara is not waterproof and can come off or smudge easily. Make your makeup routine heroic with this lengthening mascara. You can find it on Amazon and Ulta.

7. Best No-Smudge Formula: Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara 

If you are someone who wants some amazing length without sacrificing a smudge-free formula, you’ve come to the right place. The Estée Lauder mascara comes in a sophisticated navy and gold tube for some serious lengthening work. The tube is filled with a formula that is ready to show great length and smudge-free lashes for up to five hours.

This formula is actually called the Smudge-Shield, as it contains polymers that lock the mascara onto your lashes and resists high temperatures, humidity, and perspiration. Don’t forget the brush! It has been designed to contain microfiber bristles that comb and detangle lashes as well as coat them in a solid swipe. 

While shoppers say you don’t need more than one swipe if you have shorter lashes and that it can clump, they love that this mascara looks amazing on curled lashes. Try this lengthening mascara by Estée Lauder for a new look. It’s available on Sephora and Amazon.

8. Best Drugstore: L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara

Go big and gold with this lengthening mascara. It comes in both washable and waterproof and is known to add super length and lash separation. The formula in this gold tube has been allergy-tested and is suitable for sensitive eyes. The cool Flexible Dual Precision Brush dramatically impacts your lash length and separates each one. Hate rubbing the formula away at night? This mascara comes off with soap and water. 

Shoppers have been talking about how they are thrilled that this lengthening mascara does not flake, smear, or give raccoon eyes, but they also state that the wand can be kind of awkward to use. It’s available for purchase on Amazon.

9. Best Buildable Formula: Maybelline Define-A-Lash Lengthening Mascara

Shine like a star in this lengthening mascara, as it will make each of your lashes appear like constellation connections. This bright lime green tube contains a formula that will not clump but will deliver stunning length and definition. It features a shaped-to-the-lash flexible brush, which means it will coat every lash from root to tip. 

Buyers think this lengthening mascara is great for layering after using a curler. While they do think the applicator brush can bend too easily and be flimsy, the formula still swipes on graciously with a steady hand. Sparkle all night long with this mascara for short lashes that is available on both Amazon and Ulta.

10. Best Natural-Looking: Clinique High Impact Mascara

Love a big impact? The High Impact Mascara by Clinique creates the va-va-voom with a fragrance-free and sensitive-safe formula that kicks the volume up a notch with each coat. Your eyelashes will look bolder and super lush thanks to this lengthening mascara. Beauty gurus are raving about how it also makes lashes look natural. However, some think their lashes look too natural and would love even more drama – as well as wishing the brush were smaller. You can buy it from Nordstrom or Amazon.

11. Best Lengthening Primer: Grande Cosmetics GrandePRIMER Pre-Mascara Lengthener & Thickener 

Go for a new color with this lengthening mascara. This pre-mascara lengthener will add length and thickness to your shorter lashes before you apply a single layer of your favorite mascara. This white tube is filled with peptides that create stronger, healthier lashes and a natural wax blend to promote volume and length. It comes with a molded brush that makes sure each lash gets its own coat from root to tip for a smudge-proof, water-resistant look. 

While some shoppers have noticed the white coloring can be hard to fully coat with a different colored mascara, others love that it works with uniquely colored mascaras like blue to help make the color totally pop! This lengthening mascara will add a one-two punch to your makeup routine. You can buy it from Sephora or…

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