How to Use Beauty Blender

How to Use Beauty Blender

When the Beauty Blender sponge popped on the scene it instantly changed everyone’s makeup game. It seemed like overnight everyone gave up their stippling brushes in favor of this miracle makeup sponge that could do everything: help you lay down your base, blend seamlessly, bake a setting powder, contour, highlight, and even take your dog out for a walk! Okay, forget that last part.

It is undeniable that the Beauty Blender made a lot of makeup brushes obsolete and helped to seriously improve the way our foundation looks. If you haven’t tried it yet, then honestly, you’re way behind.

To get you up to speed, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this little rounded makeup sponge. I’ll explain the interesting original story of the Beauty Blender, and go into detail about exactly what it is and what it is made of. I’ve even listed the best Beauty Blender sponge types that you can try based on your preference and for different makeup techniques.

I’ll explain how to use Beauty Blender following the brand’s signature wet.squeeze.bounce method, and then will tell you about 13 different uses for the Beauty Blender! Very importantly, I’ll explain how to clean Beauty Blender the right way so you can keep it usable and fresh for as long as possible, and I’ll also let you know how often you should replace it.

To finish things off, I’ll let you know about some common Beauty Blender mistakes people make, and how to avoid them!

Your Ultimate Guide to Beauty Blender Sponge: Contents

The Beauty Blender Story

The story of the original Beauty Blender is also the story of the Beautyblender brand’s founders, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz. The two women were Hollywood makeup artists working during the dawn of HD television, which is when they started cutting up regular makeup sponges to get rid of their edges.

By doing that, the two artists were able to apply foundation more easily, without having to blend away as many lines and streaks caused by the edge of the sponge. This was especially important for Hi-Def TV, which was much less forgiving to makeup flaws and imperfections.

At first, the sponge cutting routine was a well-kept secret, but eventually the two makeup artists decided to let it out into the wild and make a bit of coin in the process. Once they found a way to mass-produce an edgeless makeup sponge they came up with the perfect beveled egg shape, and released the first Beauty Blender in 2007.

It was in 2012 that the sponge really took off, and became a staple in the vanity of every makeup aficionado.

It is important to note that Veronica Lorenz has since left the company, and as such she is no longer mentioned by the brand in its origin story. However, it is undeniable that this remarkable woman was part of the process and had a significant impact.

What Is a Beauty Blender?

Understanding the story of the Beauty Blender tells us a lot, but it doesn’t explain exactly what a Beauty Blender is. Shaped like a beveled egg or a teardrop, the Beauty Blender is a makeup sponge with one large, rounded end perfect for covering large areas, and a tapered, pointed edge perfect for getting into smaller spaces and applying makeup products more precisely.

The Beauty Blender sponge is made of a trademarked non-latex foam that expands significantly once it absorbs water, which prevents it from absorbing your precious makeup products. The foam will also dry fairly quickly once you’re done using the sponge.

Beyond the fact that it has no edges and a much more calculated shape and size, the Beauty Blender also stands out in the way it feels. It is super soft and bouncy, so using it on the skin is a particularly gentle and enjoyable process.

While the original Beauty Blender came in one size and a hot pink shade, these days there are Beauty Blenders available in all kinds of colors as well as various sizes.

6 Best Beauty Blender Sponge Types to Buy

So, based on the makeup product you are going to apply and personal preferences, these are the six best Beauty Blender sponges to get.

1. the original beautyblender

You cannot go wrong with the original! This hot pink makeup sponge is iconic, so if you like to stick to the tried and tested then definitely pick this one up. It is made of trademarked non-latex aqua-activated foam and is shaped like a teardrop. Over 6000 Sephora reviewers agree that this Beauty Blender work horse is all they need to lay down a flawless makeup base.

The original Beauty Blender is fairly large, so it is optimal for foundation application, but it can also be used for concealer, contour, powder, and whatever else you might have in mind. You can get it at Sephora, Amazon or Nordstrom.

2. beautyblender nude

These days you can find a Beauty Blender in nearly every color under the sun, but the only one that won’t show any foundation stains is the nude one. Like the original hot pink sponge, it is fairly large and teardrop-shaped.

Because of its color the nude Beauty Blender looks cleaner over time, at least assuming you have a light to medium skin tone and that you don’t plan on using it for contouring or applying blush. Some reviewers find it to be a little softer and flimsier than the original, so you might want to try both to see which you’d like better. Find this sponge at Sephora, Amazon or Nordstrom!

3. beautyblender pro

If your soul is as black as mine, you will definitely want to reflect that in your Beauty Blender choice! This makeup sponge is the same size and shape as the original Beauty Blender.

Professional makeup artists often prefer black tools, although the black Beauty Blender might also be the better choice for those using it with darker foundations or for contouring, since it will not get stained as much as its pink predecessor. It is available at Sephora, Amazon and Nordstrom.

4. beautyblender pure

Since Beauty Blenders are dyed with a natural dye, some people have noticed a bit of color runoff when rinsing their sponges. There are no such issues with the white Beauty Blender, which is totally colorless. It can be used like all other Beauty Blenders, but of course makeup stains are guaranteed to show up on it.

Instead, the brand recommends using it to apply skin care products and primers, although we’ll admit we don’t think that’s an innovation the beauty world needed. If your heart is pure, buy the white Beauty Blender at Sephora!

5. beautyblender

This set of two gives you two identical Beauty Blenders in a lime green shade. These tiny sponges are the same teardrop shape as the OG Blender, but a quarter its size. While the original can definitely be used for precise product application, it’s undeniable that these minis make getting into the nooks and crannies of the face even easier.

You can use them for precise contouring and highlighting, for under-eye concealer, for concealing small pimples, and for getting small spaces like around the nostrils. This duo is available at Sephora and Nordstrom.

6. beauty.blusher by beautyblender

At about half the size of the original Beauty Blender, the beauty.blusher is made with blush application in mind. This also explains its gray color, which is meant to make it easier to distinguish the undertones of the blush you intend to use. It is the perfect size for applying blush to the apples of the cheeks, but it can certainly also work for concealing, highlighting, and contouring.

For many reviewers this is the perfect Beauty Blender size! You can try it with both cream and powder products, so pick it up at Sephora or Amazon!

How to Use Beauty Blender: The Classic Method and 14 More Ways

The Beauty Blender is the workhorse of the makeup world. We’ve identified 14 different uses for the Beauty Blender, but almost all of them rely on the brand’s simple principle of wet, squeeze, and bounce. Let me clarify the slogan and give a few more details:

• To use a Beauty Blender, you first want to get it thoroughly saturated with water. The water will take up space inside the Beauty Blender, and prevent it from absorbing your expensive makeup products. It will also give your makeup a more hydrated, natural-looking finish. When you run your sponge under the tap you’ll notice it expand to more than double its size.

• Next, you want to squeeze it in order to get the excess water out. This will leave it loaded up with the perfect amount of water.

• Then you’ll want to either cover your Beauty Blender in the makeup product you intend to apply, or you’ll want to dot your face with the makeup and then use the Beauty Blender to spread it around and blend it. I prefer the former technique when applying powders and thick creams, and the latter when applying thin cream or liquid products.

• Now is when the bouncing comes into play! Especially when it comes to complexion products, you want to bounce the Beauty Blender over the skin, which will stipple the product into it. This leads to a really flawless and seamless application of product, whereas dragging the sponge over the skin will instead remove some of the product and can lead to a streaky, uneven application.

• You can use a combination of the bouncing and dragging technique if you’re using your Beauty Blender to blend out a very pigmented product (especially contour), since in that case your goal is to sheer out and remove some of the product.

With the basic principles of how to use a Beauty Blender out of the way, let’s get into all of the different ways you can use one!

Lay Down Foundation with Your Beauty Blender

This is the signature use of a Beauty Blender, and it is certainly where this innovative makeup sponge really shines.

• As always, start with a clean, damp Beauty Blender.

• As I…

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