How to Wear Holographic Lip Gloss

How to Wear Holographic Lip Gloss

Holographic lipsticks and lip glosses have made a huge comeback in the beauty industry and promise to stick around for many more seasons to come. But why are holographic lipsticks so popular? Is it due to the iridescent effect they produce, or is it because they let us fully embrace our unicorn souls?

From lip powder to matte liquid lipsticks to glitter lipsticks, lip makeup has seen dozens of new interpretations recently, but holographic lipsticks still have that whimsical effect to them that manages to wow. Holographic makeup is a trend for many to rave about, as it has that magical ability to introduce a shimmer of colors to your look you’ll especially crave when getting ready for special events or a night out.

To help you catch up with this fun makeup trend, here we bring 11 of the best holographic lipsticks and lip glosses of the moment you can buy and experiment with right away. You’ll just need to practice your holographic makeup skills to have fun with this prismatic makeup product!

Best Holographic Lipsticks to Try: Contents

11 Best Holographic Lipsticks & Lip Glosses to Buy Now

Holographic lipsticks are quirky and unique and, most importantly, go along well with any skin tone. However, they can also be quite different from one another, both in terms of formulas and shades. Here, we have picked out 11 of the best holographic lip glosses and lipsticks for you, to give you a few options to add to your beauty wishlists!

1. Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss in Supernova

Available at Sephora, Milk Makeup’s holographic lip gloss lets you travel to outer space, while at the same time moisturizing your lips. Filled with avocado and coconut oils, this iridescent lip gloss is synonymous with an instant boost of self esteem and creativity.

2. Too Faced Melted Latex in Unicorn Tears

Do unicorns cry? We hope not, but we are sure that, if they do, their tears are nothing but pure magic. To get a glimpse of that holographic magic, head over to, where the brand’s Melted Latex lip gloss line is awaiting you with its gorgeous Unicorn Tears holographic lipstick.

3. BECCA Liquid Crystal Glow Gloss in Amethyst x Geode

Named Amethyst x Geode and available at BECCA Cosmetics, BECCA’s holographic makeup is made to flatter every skin tone while at the same time treating anyone to a never-before-seen boost of hydration. If you love vanilla scents, BECCA’s holographic lipstick is the way to go!

4. NARS x Christopher Kane Holographic Lipstick

For a soft holographic makeup look, suitable for the everyday life and for those who are always on the go, try the NARS x Christopher Kane holographic lipstick, as it makes your lips literally shine without overdoing the charm with an exaggerated dramatic effect. Get yours at Selfridges!

5. Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Enchanting

On the other hand, if what you are trying to achieve is a more stroboscopic effect, Sephora offers Huda Beauty’s Enchanting holographic lipstick, the semi-sheer, prismatic white with pink reflects of which volumize every angle of the lips, enhancing their beauty.

6. Urban Decay Vice Special Effects Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Lip Topcoat in White Lie

Would you love to own 10 or more holographic lipsticks? Well, if so, just invest in Urban Decay’s special effect lip topcoat, as it will transform any of your regular lipsticks into unicorn-approved iridescent shades of beauty and creativity. It is waterproof, too, meaning that you may have found your next night out’s beauty weapon! You can find it at Sephora.

7. Stila Glitterati Lip Top Coat in Transcend

Another way to make your everyday matte lipstick dazzle is to apply Stila’s Glitterati lip top coat over it, which will turn any day-to-day makeup into a diva-like look. You can get yours at Revolve, too!

8. MAC Grand Illusion Liquid Lip Colour in Lunar Module

MAC’s Grand Illusion lipstick line gives us a glimpse of the beauty brand’s attitude for the future. And guess what? It will be 100% holographic! Cool and refreshing, it makes the lips feel instantly fuller, which is good news indeed for those who would love to accentuate them for a night out with friends. One of the best holographic lipsticks to try, this one is available at MAC Cosmetics.

9. Kevyn Aucoin The Molten Lip Color Topcoat in Cyber Sky

Another day, another holographic lip top coat! Kevyn Aucoin’s Molten lip top coat line is perfect for creating customized lip art, especially if you like your makeup to be dramatic and unique. Available at Net-a-Porter, its precise, pointed tip will instantly become a useful tool as soon as you apply the first layer of this holographic lip gloss on your lips.

10. Fenty Beauty Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter in Gal On The Moon

Of course, Rihanna included a holographic lipstick in her first Fenty Beauty collection! Available at Sephora too, Rihanna’s Cosmic lip gloss is glittery and creamy, and it just gives its best when used along with Fenty’s glittery eyeshadow products, as well.

11. Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss in Blush Pearl

Last but not least, our small selection of the best holographic lipsticks and lip glosses had to include Bite Beauty’s acclaimed Blush Pearl, namely the brand’s bestseller from the brand new Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss line. Glamorous and easy to apply, it could give any makeup look its ultimate luxurious touch. Get yours at Sephora!

How to Wear Holographic Lipstick Right

To learn how to wear a holographic lip gloss, first you should understand what this product is exactly about. A holographic lip gloss or lipstick is a lip makeup product featuring light-reflecting pearls and meteorite powder to create a new prismatic color that is totally out of this world. You can’t exactly define the color of a holographic lip gloss, as it’s actually a magical blend of colors inspired by the space.

There are a lot of things you can do with holographic makeup. You can feel like a unicorn, embrace your “cool kid from the Nineties” inner self, or upgrade a day-to-day look to a more “club kid/ party animal” one. Believe it or not, holographic lipsticks are perfect for daytime wear, too – you’ll just need to go almost au naturel with your eye makeup.

Since holographic lipsticks are often too sticky and creamy, many are still wondering how to wear them right. Well, introducing the perfect holographic lipstick to your beauty routine is not that hard actually, as most of the time it doesn’t require too much precision.

Whether you are new to the whole holographic makeup craze or have already managed to fully embrace your inner unicorn-lover self, here are a few tips and tricks on how to wear holographic lipsticks and lip glosses right.

Step 1: Scrub and Moisturize Your Lips

The first thing to do before pulling off your holographic lipstick (or any other lip makeup) is to exfoliate your lips into smoothness and hydrate them with a high-quality lip balm. Lip balms are a necessity for your lip health, especially during wintertime, and can really save your lips from getting all cracked and sore because of the cold and the wind. So, make sure to always invest in good lip balm, and try to favour the more natural ones over those filled with a lot of chemicals.

Step 2: Apply Your Preferred Makeup Base

Unless your lipstick is ultra-pigmented or already has a colored base, holographic lipsticks and lip glosses will always look kind of see-through at the end of the day. So, choose a complementary lipstick (preferably a matte one), and apply it before applying the holographic one. Of course, especially if your lipstick is dark-toned, don’t forget to apply your lip liner, first!

If you prefer to go for a glossy liquid lipstick, that’s fine, too! Just make sure to not overlay your lips with your liquid lipstick, as you want your overall lip makeup to look more holographic than glossy! (Also remember that too many layers of liquid lipstick will end up getting kind of uncomfortable after a few minutes.)

Step 3: Remove Excess Lipstick

Whether you apply only a few layers of lipstick or more, it is always a good idea to blot it, especially since you are about to apply a new layer using your holographic lipstick.

Step 4: Apply the Holographic Lipstick

It is time to finally apply your holographic lipstick! Fill in the entire center of your lip first, as it will give your lips more volume and a three-dimensional effect, and then proceed to move outwards (do it carefully, as holographic lipsticks don’t dry out as fast as liquid lipsticks). Use your fingers to spread it evenly or, alternatively, let the center shine on its own, to achieve a more doll-like look.

Step 5: Don’t Forget to Bring Your Holographic Lipstick(s) With You!

If you went for a dramatic, dark-toned makeup look, and you are planning on sticking with it all night long, bring both your matte and holographic lipsticks with you (along with a few makeup wipes). On the other hand, if you opted for a softer, light-toned look, you can just bring your holographic lipstick with you and touch up your lipstick whenever you feel it is time to.

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