Type of Lip Injections, Costs, and Side Effects

Type of Lip Injections, Costs, and Side Effects

With the rise of the Instagram makeup trends, lip fillers have gained popularity among young women that strive to get Kylie Jenner-inspired full lips enhanced by her signature matte lip kits. Temporary lip fillers help women struggle against their insecurities and instantly get a bigger pout that also looks natural.

Whether you appreciate a woman’s natural beauty or are thinking of plumping up your lips, below you can discover everything you need to know about lip fillers, whether they are worth it, what lip fillers actually are, types of temporary lip fillers and any side effects lip injections may have.

Lip Fillers Guide: Contents

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are substances that are injected into the lips to give them a fuller appearance that is more natural than implants. Getting lip fillers is considered ‘lip augmentation’, and it is very popular because it is quick, relatively comfortable, easy, and the visible enhancement is flattering and youthful on nearly every face. Lip fillers are typically applied through injections, although there are other techniques, like using cannulas.

Though minor, a lip injection with what is considered a soft tissue filler is still considered plastic surgery. The procedure itself is considered minimally invasive and is essentially classified as an outpatient surgery. After your appointment, you can just go on with your day as you need to.

Going for lip fillers is a completely convenient and natural looking augmentation that does not require significant downtime, like permanent makeup. This is not to say that you can go for an appointment the afternoon of an event – your lips will need time to settle. At worst, there can be an allergic reaction, but this is incredibly rare, especially with the use of HA fillers rather than other options.

What Is in a Lip Injection? Types of Lip Fillers

There are several different lip filler options that are used in lip augmentation procedures. As cosmetic science and medicine continue to advance, the options will only continue to get better, evolving into a variety of more comfortable procedures and more natural looking results.

There are temporary lip injection options, which is recommended to be tried first, just in case it turns out you want to keep your original look. Let’s start with the contents of a temporary lip augmentation first.

HA Fillers

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are designed to create a fuller and more pronounced pout immediately, but the results actually reach the anticipated fullness in 3 to 4 days. This is a temporary lip augmentation that will last for approximately six months.

This is a result of how the hyaluronic acid works. Over the following few days the hyaluronic acid pulls tiny amounts water into the site of the injection for a look just slightly more pronounced and natural than when you left your appointment.

HA fillers are used to erase fine lines and wrinkles as well as create fuller lips. Most of the ingredients for the different brands are essentially the same, and the HA lip fillers in the syringe have a smooth, gel like consistency.

Some of the more well known HA lip fillers on the market are:

• Juvederm is a major favorite that is reputed to be the best option for adding volume to the lips. The appearance post procedure is smooth and predictable, very natural and flattering. Not only will the lips appear fuller, but also subtly smooth. This lip filler comes in two types – Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus.

• Restylane is said to be an excellent lip filler option for adding structure and definition to lips. This is especially crucial for those who lack definition in their lips, so they appear to have little to no lips at all.

This is a great option for those looking to enhance their vermillion border, which is the section of the lips that marks the difference between the surface of the lips and the rest of the surrounding skin. Again this lip filler comes in two options – Restylane-L and Restylane Silk.

• HylaForm

• Prevelle Silk

• Belotero Balance

• Elevess

• Captique

HA lip fillers are the most popular for several reasons.

1. You can erase the effects of the procedure immediately if you don’t like the results! If you don’t like how it looks, you can massage your lips (or the injection site), and the results will dissipate or you can have hyaluronidase injected, which will break down and dissolve the HA lip filler. This will actually work for any HA injections in the face.

2. HA lip fillers last longer than other lip filler options, between six and eight months on average.

3. HA lip fillers create a more pleasant natural look and feel by creating an ideal shape and fullness to the lips. The volume and structure are easier to control and create.

4. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that can be found naturally in the body. HA lip fillers are safer because of this.

5. Some formulations include lidocaine to make the procedure more comfortable. Others instead use a local anesthetic topical first, then the injection of the HA filler.

6. The HA lip fillers can be injected gradually in order to create the desired effect through several treatments.

7. Lumps, bumps and bruising with HA lip fillers are minimal, and when occurring, they are quickly and easily resolved without extra treatment.

8. Side effects of HA lip fillers are minimal to nonexistent because they are built to mimic and work the same way the hyaluronic acid in your body does. Due to the design of the HA fillers, allergic reactions are also unlikely. Any sensitivity or allergy to lidocaine should be brought up with the administering doctor.

Collagen Lip Fillers

Collagen lip fillers are a tried and true method that works more permanently through multiple visits. The same can be said of fat transplant lip injections for a fuller, more lasting pout that can be built up to create the look that you want. Both filler options are considered to be natural.

If you choose to use an outside source of collagen such as bovine collagen, the procedure is still the same, with the collagen injected into the lips and massaged into place. Collagen lip injections are a perfected option.

Collagen injections, especially on the face, have been performed for decades, and are a perfected technique. Collagen has become a lot less popular, even though it is longer lasting thanks to the comfort and natural appearance of HA fillers.

Fat replacement injections are a more permanent lip augmentation option but can take several treatments. The fat from one part of your body can be extracted and placed into your lips, but just as with any other graft or transfer, the fat will need immediate blood supply.

In many cases, doctors use micro cannulas for fat transfer lip augmentations. These types of lip augmentations can take a few visits, but the results are meant to be permanent.

Permanent Silicone Lip Fillers

Permanent silicone lip fillers are lip shaped implants that can be inserted through two very miniscule incisions in the lip. The silicone can be removed and is much more cost effective than a temporary lip filler or several treatments of temporary fillers.

The silicone is designed to create the perfect shaped lips and to maintain in shape and beauty. They are pre-made, so if your doctor performs permanent lip enhancement as well, they may have a few sets on hand so that you can take a look and feel before they are put into your lips at your leisure.

It is the primary recommendation amongst professionals that you should try living with plumper options of an HA filler and if you know you will continue to do the temporary lip injections, it is time to consider silicone lip fillers. They can range in cost from $3000 up ending around $5000 plus.

Lip Filler Eraser Options

One of the biggest benefits to the use of an HA lip filler is that should you change your mind, no one will ever know that you had lip injections if you don’t want them to. If you don’t like the look, you can choose to massage the filler out over the next few days (during which you would typically be trying not to disturb your lips too much).

If you hate it on sight, you can request the doctor to ‘erase’ the filler by injecting hyaluronidase to immediately break down the filler. The hyaluronidase will completely break down the injected gel leaving nothing behind but your original lip, and perhaps a bit of soreness later on from the injection.

After the body has broken down the filler over a few months, the procedure needs to be done again, as the additional volume and structure will fade and be lost. If you decide not to continue using lip fillers, your lips won’t look deflated, but will return to their normal size and shape perfectly. As the body breaks down the HA, the lining of the lip and the actual lip will retract back to its original state 100%.

There are no worries about looking overdone, being forever regretful or uncomfortable or your lips sticking out past your nose. Everything involved with the use of HA lip fillers is about being as natural as possible.

Concerns about wrinkly, deflated lips are baseless with HA lip fillers. Your lips will never look unnatural with a proper application, and even as the filter is broken down naturally over towards the end of a few months, you will never experience unsightly lips.

Consultation to Get Lip Fillers

At your consultation, you can discuss all of your concerns with the doctor, typically the same doctor performing your procedure. You can have them walk you through the process from start to finish and take a look at photos of other patients.

If you like, bring in a few photos with examples of what you want your lips to look like. Make certain at least one picture is of you in makeup if you normally wear it.

Your doctor at this…

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