What Is Eyelash Tinting? Lash Tinting Kits & Practices

What Is Eyelash Tinting? Lash Tinting Kits & Practices

  • Eyelash tinting is the process of using a semi-permanent dye to darken the lashes for a more defined and intensified look without the need for mascara.
  • The tinting process takes no more than 30 minutes without hurting and costs around $45 at the salon.
  • Lash tint lasts around 6 to 8 weeks, with minimal care required.


Do you wanna skip the mascara for a few days – maybe even a couple of weeks? If so, an eyelash tint will keep your lashes defined without the need for makeup! It’s a great service, especially for folks who have naturally pale lashes, but it can also give a small boost when the lashes are naturally dark. 

I’m a brunette, so I didn’t expect much when I tried eyelash tinting. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my lashes actually looked darker and longer after I had it done. The lashes do have some color variance, and the tint darkened my lashes all the way up to the tip, where I never realized they were actually lighter. The results were very subtle, but I still enjoyed them.

If you think you’d like to try lash tinting yourself, we’ve collected all the information you need to know, whether you’re curious about doing it yourself or getting it done by a professional! From products and costs to safety tips to a clear explanation of the benefits of lash tinting, we cover it all.

Eyelash Tinting Guide: Contents

7 Best Eyelash Tinting Kits & Tools for At-Home Use

While we think it’s always better to get an eyelash tint done at the salon, there are kits you can purchase for doing it at home.

1. RefectoCil Pure Black Cream Hair Dye and Creme Oxidant

This is a professional grade lash tint kit that’s often used in salons. It comes with nearly everything necessary for long-lasting, dark lashes, including a deep black color, a hydrogen peroxide developer, a brush, and a mixing glass. The formula is free of PPD, which is an allergen that’s often used in dyes. This means that it has lower risks of causing allergy or irritation, though you’ll still need to patch-test it. You can order it from Amazon.

2. Combo Pack! 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye/ Tint Kit

This little kit includes tints for both the lashes and brows, in case you’re interested in enhancing both features. The tint for the lashes is a blue-black, which can look a little more intense than a neutral black, while the brown is nice for the eyebrows. You can also mix the two colors for a customized shade. Each box comes with a color, developer, and a mascara-style spoolie for application. Be aware that this formula does contain PPD. Find it on Amazon!

3. BioTouch Eye Lash Colour Tint Kit in Brown

While most people prefer black for their lash tint, some might find that brown looks more natural. In that case, we really like this brown eyelash tint. The color comes in a simple set with a developer and a cotton bud, and you can use the actual plastic holder as a mixing dish. It also features eye pads for protecting the eye area, which most other kits do not. Our only concern is that the brand doesn’t disclose the ingredients online, so we don’t know if it contains PPD. It’s available on Amazon.

4. Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly

While plain old Vaseline can definitely work when you’re tinting the lashes, if you don’t have any on hand, then we recommend this jelly from Alba Botanica. It has a similar texture to regular petroleum jelly, but it’s made with castor and sunflower oils, which are wonderfully moisturizing and loaded with antioxidants. A thin layer over the lids will prevent the tint from staining your skin and will leave your eye area feeling nourished. Buy it on Amazon!

5. Estel Only Looks Professional Eyebrow Eyelash Tint Dye

If you don’t love the colors you’ve seen so far, you might like this range of lash tints from Estel Only. They come in black, brown, blue-black, and the unique graphite, which is a deep gray that would be nice for those with very pale skin and hair. The kit includes a color and developer, and it gives a great texture that’s easy to use. The only drawback is that the product sometimes leaks during shipment. It’s sold on Amazon.

6. Refectocil Silicone Pads for Eyelash Tinting

To be quite honest, we prefer cotton pads for protecting the skin around the eyes from the tint. However, if you’d like to feel more like a pro, you might like these silicone pads. They’re reusable and self-adhesive, so they’re eco-friendlier. They cover the skin to ensure that the lash tint doesn’t stain it, and they also act as a good base for applying the tint in a downward motion while the eyes are closed. Get it from Amazon!

7. Silstar Professional Gel Eyeliner Brush

This itty-bitty synthetic brush is our favorite for applying lash tint. It’s exactly the right size for covering the lashes thoroughly without losing control or making a mess. Once you’re done, you can just wash it and use it again next time you need to tint your lashes. It’s very affordable and even comes with a resealable plastic baggie so you can keep it clean when you don’t need it. Pick it up on Amazon!

What Is Eyelash Tinting?

Eyelash tinting is a service that colors the lashes with a dye designed specifically for the eye area. It’s simply a dye job for the lashes! The permanent tint adds dark pigment to the lashes, making them darker from root to tip.

Just like with hair dye, lash tinting is done by combining a color with a hydrogen peroxide developer. The developer activates the color and allows it to take hold over the hair. Lash tinting is normally done with the same kind of dyes used for brow tinting, although the color chosen for the lashes is usually black, while browns and blondes are a better fit for the brows. 

Lash Tinting Vs. Lash Lift Vs. Lash Extensions

Lash tints, lifts, and extensions are three of the most common and popular eyelash services you can get done at the salon. Each one is a little different, but the cool thing is that they can all be done together!

• As we already explained, eyelash tinting just makes the lashes darker. It doesn’t increase their thickness or alter them in any other way.

• An eyelash lift is a perm for the lashes, using chemicals that break up the bonds in the hair, so it can be reformed in a more curved and lifted shape. It’s a great choice for those who have very straight or downturned lashes.

• Lash extensions are the most dramatic eyelash service, making it seem as though you’re wearing false lashes. With eyelash extensions, lash-like fibers are glued to the existing lashes with a long-lasting glue. It lasts for about 3-4 weeks, while tints and lifts last up to 8 weeks, and unlike the other services, it’s a little fussier. The lash extensions can fall off easily, and it doesn’t allow you to wear mascara. 


Eyelash Tinting Pros & Cons

To keep things simple, here are the quick pros and cons of eyelash tinting to help you make up your mind if this service is right for you.


  • Gives darker, more defined looking lashes
  • Totally transforms the appearance of those with naturally pale lashes
  • Nice alternative to daily use of mascara, especially before vacation or if you have sensitive eyes
  • Requires very minimal aftercare
  • Quick and easy procedure


  • Treatment is done close to the eyes, so allergic reactions can lead to very serious side-effects, including blindness
  • Very subtle if your lashes are already dark
  • Doesn’t volumize or lengthen the lashes the way a mascara would

Is Lash Tinting Safe?

Anything that’s done so close to the eyes has some inherent risks, and as a result, some countries and states have gone so far as to ban the service. The US FDA has not approved any dye products for use around the eyes, and they recommend against the service.

Most people who get an eyelash tint done don’t experience any negative reactions, or if they do, it’s just mild irritation that goes away after a short period of time. However, in some cases, negative reactions can have serious repercussions.


The worst situation can occur if you have an allergy to one of the ingredients in the tint (usually to phenylenediamine, shortened to PPD). An allergic reaction around the eyes can lead to swelling, redness, pain, and irritation. If the allergy impacts the thin layer over the eyes, the eyes can burn and feel itchy, and in the worst-case scenario, the reaction can cause blindness. Because of this, we stress the importance of a patch test on a small spot of the skin before getting an eyelash tint done.

There is a slightly larger risk of doing eyelash tinting at home since when you do it yourself, you are less able to prevent the tint from getting in the eyes, so we’d always recommend going in the salon route. Salon professionals undergo training so they are better able to do the lash tinting safely.

How to Tint Eyelashes

The process of eyelash tinting is a quick one, especially when it’s by a well-practiced professional. From start to finish, it can take as little as 20 minutes! It’s the kind of service you can get done during your lunch break, even. 

Eyelash Tinting Tools

These are the items and tools needed for a great lash tinting experience.

  • An eyelash tinting kit with color and developer
  • A few cotton buds and cotton pads
  • Petroleum jelly
  • A small brush or clean mascara wand
  • Cool water
  • Oil-free makeup remover

Eyelash Tinting Process

• If it’s your first time getting a lash tint done, make sure to do a patch test a few days before tinting your lashes to make sure you’re not allergic to the dye. The tint should be applied to a tiny patch of skin where an allergic reaction won’t be a major issue, like behind the ear or on the forearm and left on for 10 minutes or so before getting wiped off. This will…

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